Gallery Walls and other Art displays

Photo Courtesy of Glaminati

Gallery walls are becoming more and more common in homes, and I cannot get enough of this trend. I’ve started a mini-gallery wall in my bedroom, hoping to grow my collection of macabre prints. The display is a great way to create a focal point in a room that has the ability to be as versatile as the room itself. Not many large wall displays have the capability to constantly grow and change. Many gallery wall displays are all art prints and photographs inside frames, but many have interpreted this trend in their own way. I love the mixing and matching of mixed media, like adding props, sculptures, or wood letters. Gallery walls can become what you make them.

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If you don’t have the option to hang artwork, overstuffed ledge shelving is another beautiful option. Monochromatic shelves can create a floating effect, but with the option to add much more, overlapping frames and adding depth by placing sculptures or books that you wouldn’t normally be able to hang. The beauty of gallery walls is the organized chaos of different sized and colors of the frames, creating height and widths to the display.

Photo Courtesy of Wall Decorations

Prints and frames can become pricey, but again, you can make this focal point whatever you want it to be. Polaroid pictures hanging from a frame is a creative and inexpensive version of a gallery wall. This alternative to individual frames creates DIY vibes suitable for any young adult room. The frame itself dictates what type of aesthetic you want to achieve; using a white distressed frame creates a rustic feeling, while a black matte frame gives off a minimalistic and clean aesthetic.

Whether you’re an art aficionado or a first-time decorator, this trend can fit so many styles. Planning is everything so ensuring your art fits the space appropriately is key to achieving this look. Lay the artwork onto the floor and rearrange as needed. It’s easier than finishing up the wall to end up hating the arrangement. Once you’ve hung everything up, don’t be afraid to expand, as smaller details can really add character to the wall. Be sure to keep ideas of the look you’re trying to achieve and always look to others for inspirations.

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