Wanderlust: Woodstock

Being able to escape to the outdoors has always been on my bucket-list of location necessities. I’ve always felt that I wanted to live away from my current location, surrounded by the monotony that is suburban living. “The grass is greener” definitely comes to mind when looking at other places I’d rather spend my days. With New York being just over the border, I find myself wandering over to see what the area has to offer. New York is a huge state with every type of area, from extremely rural to extremely urban. I attended a wedding in Hudson, NY but decided to book an Airbnb in Woodstock, just 45 minutes south. Here, I got to experience a small-town, humble lifestyle that was a refreshing change of pace from my usual.

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Downtown Woodstock, NY

Downtown Woodstock is a small-town dream, with shops dedicated to local business and quality products. I was lucky enough to wander around on a Sunday, enjoying Sunday brunch at Shindig and a loop around the weekly flea market. The area is filled with eccentric people of all walks of life, who are the most friendly and kind-hearted folks you’ll ever encounter.

Inspiration Point Trail

Although Woodstock itself doesn’t have a lot of trails and campsite options, surrounding areas like Saugerties and Tannersville have several intersecting trails that can range from 2 to 10 miles, depending on the type of adventure you’re willing to take. Seeing as we just attended a wedding, we took it easy with a cool 4.4-mile loop to Boulder Rock and Inspiration Point. Although, not the most challenging hike I’ve taken, definitely the most serene.

Like a Scene from Jurrasic Park (sans CGI Dinosaurs)

Defeated and exhausted from the hike, finding dinner was no problem. Sharkie’s Meatballs is definitely a go-to shop, offering creative and delicious options fitting for any diet. With fresh ingredients delivered daily, visiting early is a must. Fortunately, we caught dinner just in time before close. The food was delicious and the owner was incredibly friendly. This wasn’t my first trip to Woodstock, but it’s far from my last.

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