Herb Garden for Home

Long time, no blog! It’s been a long time since I’ve posted and I between then and now, I’ve experienced a lot of life changes. I was able to jump start my new career and move to a different state. It’s been an eye-opening experience but I’m ready to take on whatever life throws my way. With my new found independence has come some life hacks. Moving out on my own has taught me the level of consumption and how to find frugal solutions.

IMG_4385.jpg One of those solutions was starting my own herb garden! On a trip to Aldi, I came across Seed Sheets. These super user-friendly kits come in a variety of different types to fit everyone’s need. I decided to give it a go, as this could go a long way in the kitchen. These kits come with a Seed Sheet felt planter, soil, and a seed sheet containing three types of seeds, Basil, Cilantro and Dill. Worried you don’t have a green enough thumb? That’s what I thought too (I tend to steer towards low maintenance plants) but Seed Sheet makes it easy to start any garden. Simply registering your Seed Sheet on their website can set you up for success by opting into watering reminders and accessing tips and tricks to help your garden thrive!

IMG_4390My Seed Sheet journey started about two weeks ago. I started by putting the Sheet Seed seed-side down and watering the top until the water-soluble protective sheet completely disappeared. The instructions suggested watering A LOT for the germination process, I was beginning to think I was starting to overwater them. I had watered these babies so much, the water started to leak through the felt planter. If you’re keeping your Seet Sheet inside like I am, make sure to place them on a plate or a plant coaster to keep them from getting any porous surfaces wet. Luckily, my apartment has an adequate amount of sun during the day, so they sit on the window sill on warmer winter days and on the dining room table on cooler days. I started to notice tiny sprouts about a week later and noticeable growth every day after then. I’m excited to re-pot them once they’re big enough.

The Seed Sheet kit is the perfect way to start your edible garden indoors! Small enough to fit in any big city apartment and easy enough almost everyone to use! I definitely recommend checking them out. I’m now looking into propagating vegetables like scallions and romaine lettuce to help eat cleaner and cut down costs!

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