Mosaic Tile Moment

Mesmerizing and colorful mosaic tiles can brighten any space, becoming a focal point of the room. These decorative accents can pull multiple elements together to create a cohesive space. Although bold, many may steer far away from such daring decor, but when done right, can yield amazing results.

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Photo: Shindig Woodstock

This beautiful tile accent on the bar of Shindig, a small eatery in Woodstock, NY is an incredible example of adding some cool tones to this otherwise warm color palette. This tile definitely brings vintage vibes and geometric design without looking outdated. Bordered by a wooden bar top and footboard, the print is framed and not overwhelming. My favorite part about this design is how it brings in the cool teal tones from the tile up to the enormous found mirror on the back of the bar. Although this design is in a restaurant, it can be translated for a home. Benefits to using tile are how easy it is to clean and how resistant it is to stains, great for people who have kids or pets.

Photo: The Decoist

Tiles can also bring some international flair to any home, with tiles being prominent from many countries like Mexico, Italy, Morocco, Turkey and Spain. Adding tiles to a staircase can add a beautiful accent that goes unnoticed too often. This elegant wooden staircase is outfitted in beautiful multi-colored tiles and a wrought-ironed railing, bringing so much character to an otherwise boring staircase.

Photo: Domino Magazine

When most people think tiles, they’re typically in the bathroom. The waterproof textile is very functional for this space but does not have to be boring. Domino Magazine combines two types of tiles to create a luxurious shower display. I love the Moroccan detail being on the wall, rather than the floor, which is unexpectedly refreshing. However, you decide to accent a room, keep in mind open to how you can incorporate tile into your interior design. They can create a centerpiece of artwork into any home in almost every room.

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